Surna, Inc.

Troy Rippe

Senior Technical Advisor, System Engineering and Product Development, Surna, Inc.

Troy Rippe, Senior Technical Advisor, System Engineering and Product Development, for Surna, Inc., has been a LEED-Accredited Professional for nine years and holds a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Colorado State University (CSU). His passion is helping clients identify the best fit for their mechanical systems while balancing code compliance, precise temperature and humidity control, energy consumption, and initial as well as ongoing costs. Since graduating from CSU, Mr. Rippe has worked in the HVAC industry in some capacity for more than thirteen years in system design, energy modeling, and controls.

Mr. Rippe has been directly involved in thousands of projects over his career including DX/packaged roof-top units (RTUs) and split systems, variable air-volume (VAV) systems, self-contained units, four-pipe and two-pipe terminal unit projects, and air-handling units (AHUs) with and without heat and energy recovery. He has managed a large range of projects with schools, hospitals, natatorium environments, data centers, office buildings, and cultivation facilities for clients in a variety of industries and markets. In Mr. Rippe’s early career, he worked at Siemens as a project engineer for control systems and had extensive exposure to controls and controls integration for these types of projects including software-hardware integration. Mr. Rippe is a member of ASHRAE and has consulted on energy modeling, code compliance, and return-on-investment for owners and designers. During his years as an account manager at Trane, he was recognized among the top ten achievers and was consulted in new partnership and product development.

Mr. Rippe has conducted hundreds of presentations as a project engineer and account manager. He has conducted training and acted as a mentor to junior level engineers and is a valued by his peers for offering the most cost-effective and energy-conscious ways to address unique mechanical-system challenges inherent in indoor agriculture.

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