Sweetwater Pharms, Inc

Terry Darcy

Chief Operations Officer, Sweetwater Pharms, Inc

Terry A. Darcy is the Chief Operations Officer at Sweetwater Pharms, Inc., a successful cultivator, and distributor in Santa Rosa, CA. Prior to joining Sweetwater Pharms as a managing partner, Terry was a successful consultant for over ten years to private sector clients with a particular focus in the past four years on working with local government to obtain entitlement permit approvals in the emerging legal cannabis industry. With an acute sense of business,

Terry also assisted her clients in formulating solid business and financial planning from inception to execution and she continues to work with local, state and federal legislators and regulators to enact reasonable and effective legislation.

Terry’s previous 25-year career was in city management and included serving as City Manager for the City of Cotati, Assistant City Manager for the City of Santa Rosa and top-level city management positions in the cities of Palmdale and Lancaster. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Management and a Master’s degree in Public Administration.

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