Jordan Lams

CEO, Moxie

After Mr. Lams lost his younger sister to a seven-year battle with leukemia, he dedicated his life to the medical marijuana industry.  This personal experience has driven him to further expand the understanding of cannabinoid therapies and to advocate for accessible, standardized, pharmaceutical-grade medical marijuana products.

Mr. Lams currently manages market expansion, operations, and brand development for PurePenn and its partner Moxie. His responsibilities include developing standard operating procedures, interfacing with regulators, and maintaining compliance for its laboratories. His leadership has driven Moxie from a self-financed startup to an international enterprise with facilities in four states and over 40 other countries.
Mr. Lams is one of the leading manufacturing advocates for responsible regulations in the medical marijuana industry. He is currently working with governments across the United States, Europe, and South America to ensure emerging markets are regulated safely and responsibly. 

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