U.S. House of Representatives

Dana Rohrabacher

Congressman, U.S. House of Representatives

Prior to becoming a Congressman, Dana Rohrabacher earned his living as a journalist and editorial writer for the Orange County Register. Following his time at the Register, he worked on Ronald Reagan’s Presidential campaigns as Assistant Press Secretary and followed President Reagan into the White House where, for seven years, he was a senior speechwriter and special assistant to the President.

In 1988, Dana Rohrabacher was elected to the House of Representatives from coastal Southern California.  Currently, Dana serves as Vice-Chairman of the House Science Committee, Chairman of the Europe Eurasia and Emerging Threats Subcommittee and as a senior member of the International Relations Committee.

Two of Congressman Rohrabacher's major accomplishments: The Space Commercialization Act of 2004 and the Rohrabacher/Blumenauer Amendment which prohibited the Justice Department from spending funds to interfere with the implementation of state medical cannabis laws. It passed the House in May 2014 after six previously failed attempts, becoming law in December 2014.
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