Tahoe Wellness Center

Cody Bass

CEO, Tahoe Wellness Center

Cody Bass has lived a life of loving and learning about cannabis, which inspired him to represent cannabis as a positive part of society. He has been involved in every angle of the cannabis industry since his teens when he began growing cannabis in the hills of Mendocino. In 2009 he ventured out of Mendocino and into the metropolis, opening multiple dispensaries in Northern California. Cody was appointed to the commission, which was responsible for writing the medical cannabis ordinance for the City of South Lake Tahoe, which was adopted by the city council. That ordinance allowed Tahoe Wellness Cooperative to be city-licensed. Cody founded Tahoe Wellness Cooperative in 2009 and continues to serve as the Executive Director. He has successfully developed Tahoe Wellness Cooperative into a vertically integrated cooperative model that provides a broad range of services to the entire community. Cody has been growing cannabis for fifteen years using organic methods and was awarded second place in the 2013 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup.

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