Marijuana Business Conference and Expo

October 8–9, 2019
Long Beach
Convention Center
Long Beach, CA

  • This show really unites people who are really trying to scale their business and really trying to be an innovator by collaborating with everyone else. NCIA might be the epicenter of the cannabis business-to-business realm.

    Sergio Castro

  • You’re getting knowledge from people who actually know what they’re talking about, people who’ve actually gone to school, who have done the studying, who’ve done the testing, versus someone who have just done some YouTube research, looked online so this is where the professionals come.

    Garry Stalling
    Culture Magazine

  • They put on a really great show with great attendance. Since the doors opened literally there’s been a rush of people coming through to check out the equipment. It’s people that own and operate businesses that are coming to find partners whether it’s, uh, equipment like ours or consumables or legal services or whatever they’re looking for to actually operate their business; that’s who's coming to the show and that’s exactly who we’re looking for.

    Brian Whittaker

  • There's so many facets that we think we know, we go to these events and there's a whole booth of something like wow! It’s always growing.

    Thomas Dorsey

  • I have met some tremendous people like right off the bat that can have a tremendous impact in my business. For a business owner, that’s what you want more than anything else.

    Dan Grim
    Good Stuff Tonics

  • Making those connections with those type of people is not just good for my business but it’s good for my clients’ businesses as well.

    Dana Cisneros
    Cannabis Corporate Law Firm

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